Small size (about 12 ounces) in the French tradition, in round or square pieces, with a somewhat sour and aromatic taste.
Small size (about 9 ounces) in the French tradition, in round pieces, with the addition of various herbs or spices (savory, tarragon, poppy, spicy mix, chives, black pepper, fennel, etc.).
The fresh goat cheese changes into a bloomy rind, that is drier, sweet, not spicy, where the molded crust (which is edible) gives the typical aromatic taste of flowered cheese.
Derived from "caprino fresco", it is particularly creamy, with a strong taste of milk; after 20-30 days of aging it becomes very aromatic with a sweet taste (white or herbs / spices).
Produced from the whey in the classical method without adding milk. Velvety and creamy with a strong flavor of goat, in trays of approximately 9 ounces. circa
Processing type Tuscan pecorino, a sweet milk. Pieces from 2.2 lbs. and above are cylindrical in shape with a crust that is unwashed and grayish-white. It ages a minimum of 30 days.
All the varieties are then aged or naturally or under hay or under charcol or under grape marc, becoming harder and very goaty.
• blu di capra
• ricotta salata
• tomini
• ca..preggio

how to make cheese
The fresh milk is filtered and left to coagulate at room temperature for 24-48 hours with little animal rennet (sometimes vegetable) and the serum from the day before (whey is added).

Once the curd is ready, it is put into forms and dry salted. For a small part of the production, we get rennet curds after bringing the milk to 96.8F degrees.