The farm

Podere Le Fornaci was founded in 2000 about 1 mile from Greve in Chianti near Florence, with the acquisition of 74 acres of land and two rented houses. Biological always starts with a herd of 25 selected goats, "chamois of the Alps", which has currently grown to 50. They created a small dairy farm where only the farm generated milk is processed. r>

We do not use artificial insemination; the young goats are raised on their mother's milk and the goats graze in the 20 acres of fenced land. The goats are treated with homeopathic medicines. The production of fodder comes from the farm with a small amount of supplements that are biologically certified. We sell directly from a small shop on the farm as well as in the major organic markets in Tuscany, restaurants and specialty shops

All the milk is transformed into cheese every day. During Easter season, there is a small number of goats available for sale. The company is a family-run business with the help of seasonal woofers in peak periods.