The farm consists of 102 head of goats (100 females and two lucky males) who daily graze in the fields surrounding the farm and reward us for our work with great quality milk. Our "girls" are all Chamois of the Alps, a breed native to Switzerland that have the characteristics of rusticity and good production of milk. For this reason we conduct selective breeding, that is, we are very careful about the reproduction of animals, making use of technical controls from the local association of breeders. Cheese production begins in mid-March and ends in late October for very specific reasons. In March, after having only their mother’s milk for the first 40 days of their lives, the baby goats begin to eat grass and hay; we then can slowly start with regular milking. By October, however, many goats are pregnant, and it is good that they start to rest to prepare for the time they will give birth that begins in late January.

On top of going to pasture daily, the "girls" always have hay in the barn, which is produced on the 74 acre pasture which is available to us. While we milk the goats we spoil them with handfuls of concentrated, biologic feed. For veterinary care, we mainly use homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies, and only in cases of real need use conventional medicine. But the best cure is always a healthy and natural life to make happy goats!